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Book #1 - A Whirlwind Opener
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Meet Gus Roberts, a fifth grader who can't wait for his family's big plans for the fishing opener. Gus needs some time on the water but also a break from Matt Driver, a bully who's got everyone anxious for the end of the school year. With his new fishing rod and tackle box always nearby, Gus joins his grandfather to meet the rest of the family at the cabin up north. Life has a few surprises in store and everyone adjusts to a different weekend than planned.

Book #2 - Driving Me Crazy
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Gus discovers the bully, Matt Driver, is causing trouble for more than just him, and it's worse than a little teasing. A Memorial Day weekend getaway camping is just the ticket, and gives Gus a chance to think through a solution for reigning in Matt's antics. Gus enjoys time fishing, swimming, biking and hiking around the headwaters of the Mississippi River and Lake Itasca with his new friend, Drew. But even that gets a little rocky and Drew and Gus share an adventure of their own. 

Book #3 - Spare the Rod
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Mom and Dad spring some news on the family and Gus' older brother Jake isn't thrilled with the surprise in the driveway on the last day of school. But summer vacation is here and Gus couldn't be happier. June means fun trips and lots of fishing and camping in addition to a break from school. A cousin's high-school graduation party in Wisconsin brings highs and lows with plenty of adventure. Gus shares a little windshield time with Dad where surprises lurk around every corner.

Book #4 - Duck, Duck Deuce
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Gus is excited for the Fourth of July and all the fun that goes along with being at the lake with family and friends around. But this year there's a new friend sharing the adventures of campfires and s'mores -- a German foreign exchange student, Kat. In fact, the whole clan is arriving for fireworks on Excelsior Bay and then Zach and Riley's wedding at St. John's abbey. But cousin Deuce stirs up the dust again and Quick starts everything off with a thrill. Enjoy this heart-of-the-summer adventure entitled Duck, Duck Deuce.

Congratulations! Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) selected Duck, Duck Deuce for the 2012 Awards-In-Craft Competition (3rd place - Best Book).

Book #5 - Born to be Wild
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Labor Day weekend means  cheese curds, everything-on-a-stick and Sweet Martha’s chocolate chip cookies at the Minnesota State Fair for Gus Roberts. Join Gus on the fifth adventure in the Fish On Kids books series as we celebrate Gus’ birthday only a few days away. Turning 12 brings a chance to compete in a professional fishing tournament with his dad. Finally! Gus has been saving and planning for this big event all summer. Will it be everything he’s dreamed about, or will untimely adventures get in his way? Come along on the wild ride that unveils big surprises for this birthday boy, including a few trips and presents he won’t soon forget. 

Book #6 - A Second Chance
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Finally the time for Gus to compete in a professional fishing tournament has arrived. Hooray. Will it be everything he's hoped for? Or did he underestimate the work and the level of competition. What could go wrong? Enjoy the twists and turns in the sixth book of the Fish On Kids adventures in A Second Chance

Enjoy the first two pages of award-winning book #4 --
Duck, Duck Deuce: